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I took a response from the support team and they said:

WE can refund the amount if you remove or modify your post. Our intentions are not to screw people over but to give them a service.

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PLEASE BE AWARE OF THEIR DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICE AND DO NOT GET SCAMMED!! DO NOT BE SUCKERED INTO A TRAIL MEMBERSHIP WÄ°TH BUYPREMÄ°UMTECH.COM. They are supposed to be download site pretending to be legitimate. They lure you in with trial membership and then slap you with unnecessary charges. The software that shows up during search does not even exists .Offer a free 3 day trail that if you don't call charges fees for an extensive program at about $73.00. Crappy people, crappy service, no money back. Do not give this company your debit card info. This company and other companies like it sucker you into a free trial period and then charges you after that free trial period if you don't cancel. This is a scam way to collect money and don't expect to get anything back.

They have stolen $73 from my account. As soon as I joined I realized the site is a scam for tools you can get for free elsewhere. I told them I only wanted to be hit for $1.99 trial membership (via email), which they ignored and I have been hit for $73. I have cancelled my CC and I am trying to get the money back from them now. As a side note, why am I hit for $73 when you guys only get hit for $40? Is it a special rip-off-the-foreigner introductory special this week?

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I have been caught by this scam too. They do not bill the correct amount...mine was supposed to be $49.99 but ended up $75.

Very, very slow downloads and the movie I downloaded was called the same title but was B Grade ***.

I had to threaten going to the authorities to get my money back. Still hasn't arrived yet, but am worried about my Credit Card details now.


DO NOT BE A VICTIM. If you see a charge from "SPEEDUPC" on your account that you know is unauthorized, know that this is BUYPREMIUMTECH. Please do the following:

1. Immediately call your bank or credit card company.

2. File an unauthorized charge dispute.

Your bank/credit card company will ask you the following information:

*amount of the charge

*company name that appears on that charge

*whether or not you have done your part and called the company to request a refund

One day after filing the dispute, you will see a temporary credit (while dispute is being processed). 2-3 weeks after that, you will receive a confirmation from your bank/credit card company about the status of your dispute.

3. Cancel your ATM (credit/debit) card.

Safeguard your bank account against further unauthorized charges. You will be sent a new replacement ATM (debit/credit) card in the mail within 5-7 business days.

4. Apply for a temporary ATM card.

The temporary ATM card may not have a Visa or Mastercard logo so you can't use it for debit/credit card purchases online or in-store. However, with the temporary card, you can withdraw money from the ATM while waiting for your replacement ATM card. For $5, you can have your temporary ATM card shipped to you in 2 days. When you receive the new ATM card, you can choose to keep your temporary ATM card or cancel it. I would keep it, just in case.

You can do steps 1-4 on the same call to your bank.

There have been numerous disputes and complaints against this company. There is almost 100% likelihood, you will get your money back!


The same thing happened to me, signed up for the trial at £1.99, never did get my mix, and was charged £33.10, I did not authorise this.


They've caught me the same way. I received nothing and was charged over $70 a few days later.

I'm reporting to the FBI fraud and UK officers.

Mike Lockey


This *** happened to me too! I signed up for a free membership for 1.95 and the service I was paying for didnt even work.

Then I let the 3 days lapse and then was charged 74.95. All I wanted to do was download tv episodes, I didnt want to pay for some crappy service that doesnt even work. Then I called them and told them that I wanted my money back and they argued.

They relcutantly offered me my money back, but only a fraction of what I paid. I think the next step for me is to go through the BBB, well see how they like that.

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