Yes, watch out for BuyPremiumTech.com. They get you to sign up for a trial membership of 2 or 3 dollars and then automatically charge you for $51 if you didn't read the fine print.

If you call them back, you might get someone who will try to argue with you about whether you read the fine print. Just tell them you are going to report them like so many others already have. Hopefully they will refund your money.

That's all I have to say about those sad, sorry shysters but this is supposed to be 100 words long. Dirty, dirty, dirty...well I made my point.

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I signed up at BuyPremiumTech last month, first i signed up for trail membership, then I used the BPT software, it works great and then I bought full membership. It is much better to download through BTW software.

It is safe, secure and legal. There is one another thing that I like in bpt software is that the downloading speed is very fast.


Try reading in the future you ***. Whether it's in small print or not, if you agree to it, they can, and will, LEGALLY, charge you whatever they have printed out.

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